How to Fight High Property Taxes

Death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin espoused their certainty, but it’s doubtful even he knew how difficult it would be to avoid the latter – especially property taxes. No matter where you live in the United States, if you own real estate, you must pay property taxes. According to a recent study by Zillow, a U.S. […]

Buy Your Retirement Home Early!

Catherine Mettey, a civil engineer who lives in Wilton, Maine, had always dreamed of retiring to a home on the ocean. A while ago, while on a work project, she found just the right town—the village of Lubec, on the Bay of Fundy where Maine meets Nova Scotia—and better yet, her dream home, “a charming […]

Saving For A Home

After saving up for a down payment and for your closing costs, you might be tempted to start thinking about the fun stuff you’ll buy when you move into your first home — maybe a barista-style coffee maker, a quiet dishwasher or a media center for your new flat-screen TV. Not so fast. As a […]

Why Renters Should Consider Buying a Home

With the home prices down 35 percent since their 2006 peak and mortgage interest rates at record lows, purchasing a home may be more affordable than ever for first-time buyers. It also may be time for some renters to consider buying a place of their own. Whatever the situation, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when […]

Buying A House With Bad Credit?

One very frequent question has to do with bad credit and VA loan qualifying. There’s good news! VA guidelines state no credit score minimum for qualifying for a VA loan. VA-approved lenders consider debt-to-income ratios, residual incomes and loan histories, as well as complete credit histories and FICO scores, to determine whether an applicant is […]

25 Things to Look For When Buying a Home

Ready to dive headfirst into the exciting, and sometimes unpredictable, world of house hunting? Whether this is your first foray into buying a house, or if you are upgrading or scaling down, the search is never the same each day. You will find houses you adore, houses that make you think of “Psycho,” and many […]

What to Know About a Down Payment

When you buy real estate, it’s very exciting. First, you shop until you find your dream home (or maybe your dream home minus some bedrooms and closets). Then, you write possibly the biggest check of your life. What is it? What happens to it? It’s Not Actually a “Down Payment” Because it’s the first money that […]